Discussing The Savage Darkness

Once again, I was John Wesley Smith’s guest on his Destiny Survival Radio Show, this time to talk about my latest release: The Savage Darkness.

John brought up some good questions for discussion, and here is an excerpt from his thoughts on the book posted on his Destiny Survival blog, in which he touches on the “bigger ideas” addressed in my story:

The Bigger Ideas

Sickness–Can you imagine being in a grid-down situation without any medicine? You wouldn’t want to take the common cold for granted.

What if it turned into pneumonia? You or your loved ones could die. And that may not be an exaggeration.

Lawlessness–In our conversation Scott and I discussed how small towns could become like towns of the Old West. They would take the law into their own hands, like Purvis in the story.

In the wake of widespread catastrophe, towns could become defensive and militaristic. What will cities and towns do when there’s no state or federal help available to enforce the law or provide the other services we’re accustomed to?

Scarcity–Consider this. After months without help on the way, what will become of emergency centers? They’ll use up what supplies they have on hand. Then what?

Connections–In this novel, Mitch found himself in a bad spot in purvis. Having connections paid off. The fact that the sheriff of Purvis knew his dad worked to his advantage.

The lesson for us seems clear to me. Develop and use your connections with reputable people if you have them. And hope for the best when the chips are down.

The darkness–The word “darkness” in the title of this series and in this fourth volume could have more than one meaning.

In our conversation Scott and I touched on the subject of human nature. How will people behave in the stages of a disaster? Will they pull together at first? What will they act like after a prolonged period of time?

You can read the full article and listen to my interview with John here: http://destinysurvival.com/2017/01/26/the-savage-darkness-another-glimpse-into-a-post-emp-world/

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