Horizons is Live Now

Horizons Beyond the Darkness: Book 5 of The Pulse Series came together ahead of schedule and has been released early. The print length came in at 310 pages, so it is within a few pages of Books 3 and 4 in this series.

There’s plenty of sailing and survival action in this one, as well as a new destination that takes Larry Drager and his crew farther from the chaos they’ve left behind on the U.S. mainland.

Here’s a look at the full wrap paperback cover. Click to view larger:


Even as I was finishing up the work on Horizons, I’ve been moving forward with my new series, and I expect to release the first two books of that one later this summer.  I’ll be posting updates as it gets farther along. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this latest installment in The Pulse Series. Here are the links to get it on Amazon:

Kindle Edition

Paperback Edition

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2 Responses to Horizons is Live Now

  1. Donna Williams says:

    We are very happy to receive the fifth book in the Pulse series. This is our favorite series! Just wondering when to expect the fifth book in the Darkness After series.(?)

    • Scott B. Williams says:

      I hope you like Book 5 of The Pulse series! I hope to have a fifth book in The Darkness After series later this year. I am launching my new series first though and expect to release the first one by the end of July. I think fans of both The Pulse and The Darkness After series will like this new one.

      I’ll be posting more about it soon.

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