Horizons is Live Now

Horizons Beyond the Darkness: Book 5 of The Pulse Series came together ahead of schedule and has been released early. The print length came in at 310 pages, so it is within a few pages of Books 3 and 4 in this series.

There’s plenty of sailing and survival action in this one, as well as a new destination that takes Larry Drager and his crew farther from the chaos they’ve left behind on the U.S. mainland.

Here’s a look at the full wrap paperback cover. Click to view larger:


Even as I was finishing up the work on Horizons, I’ve been moving forward with my new series, and I expect to release the first two books of that one later this summer.  I’ll be posting updates as it gets farther along. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this latest installment in The Pulse Series. Here are the links to get it on Amazon:

Kindle Edition

Paperback Edition

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Horizons Beyond the Darkness Available to Preorder

Book Five of The Pulse Series is now available to preorder in the Kindle edition on Amazon.

Picking up where Landfall: Islands in the Aftermath left off, Horizons Beyond the Darkness continues the story of the sailing catamaran, the Casey Nicole and her companion ship, the Sarah J. as their crews navigate the dangers of a world in which the power grid has collapsed and anarchy reigns.

New challenges and hard decisions await as they repair the damage and regroup after finally reaching the remote Jumentos Cays in the southern Bahamas. With hurricane season approaching and unknown dangers lurking in every harbor, there is little room for error as they make their plans to sail yet again for distant horizons in their quest for safe refuge.



Click here to read the full description on Amazon.

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Enter the Darkness is Live

Enter the Darkness: A Darkness After Prequel is now live on Amazon in both the Kindle and Paperback editions:



Enter the Darkness is a prequel novella to The Darkness After Series, an ongoing tale of survival, adventure and romance set deep in the remote Mississippi backwoods and swamps in the aftermath of the breakdown of civilization.

Two teenagers from completely different worlds are destined to meet when they are suddenly stranded in New Orleans, cut off from their loved ones and forced to adapt to a life without technology or law and order. Sixteen-year-old Mitch Henley sets out on foot to walk out of the city and return to the woodland farm where his game warden father taught him how to live off the land. April Gibbs is at home in the city but her loved ones are stranded more than a hundred miles to the north with no way to get back. The two young strangers make their way out of the urban chaos amid fear, looting and anarchy, unaware that they are on a collision course that will change everything for both of them.

This 32,000-word prequel opens with the events of the early morning in March when the pulse from the solar flare strikes, leaving people everywhere confused, afraid and in the dark.

The Darkness After Series currently includes: The Darkness After (Book 1), Into the River Lands (Book 2), The Forge of Darkness (Book 3) and The Savage Darkness (Book 4)

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