Feral Nation Book One Paperback Edition

Here’s a look at the full cover for the the paperback edition of Feral Nation – Infiltration. There is now a product page on Amazon for this edition just ahead of the official release. It should be shipping later this week and it will show up on the other online book retailer sites soon: http://amzn.to/2gYzghX

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Recent Discussion on Destiny Survival Radio

I’ve been slow to update things here on the blog due to scrambling to finish my latest book: Feral Nation – Infiltration, the first in my new Feral Nation Series. I’m wrapping the final details up with that now, as it will be released in a few days, and I’ll have several bits of news to share here about things that have been going on in the meantime.

A couple of weeks ago I was once again a guest on John Wesley Smith’s Destiny Survival Radio show, and we talked about my two most recent releases, Enter the Darkness and Horizons Beyond the Darkness. As with all of these conversations with John, he brought out interesting aspects of the stories that I had not given much thought to. It’s always great to get that kind of feedback and discussion of these fiction projects after they’re finished, and you can read some of John’s written thoughts on the books here: http://destinysurvival.com/2017/08/24/when-your-survival-mindset-will-be-revealed/

The full interview is also available to listen too on the Destiny Survival Radio page at the the link for August 24, 2017: http://destinysurvival.com/destinysurvival-radio/

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Book One of the Feral Nation Series

The new series I’ve been planning for some time now is finally taking shape as the first book is coming together and most of the second one is has been worked out with a rough outline.

I just announced to my newsletter subscribers that the first book is now available to preorder on Amazon, and that it will be released sometime next month, ahead of the official preorder release date. Here is the cover and description, for Feral Nation – Infiltration (Book One of the Feral Nation Series):



In the near future, a nation is in peril as anarchy spreads in the wake of coordinated attacks by foreign and domestic terrorists. The growing civil unrest and insurrection in the aftermath forces those in power to enact harsh countermeasures in an effort to maintain order and security. Battles between dissident factions rage in the streets from coast-to-coast as many cities and towns become war zones. Travel and communications are severely restricted, food and fuel supplies disappear, and the economy teeters on the brink of collapse…

Professional security contractor, Eric Branson, has been plying his trade overseas, fighting the ongoing insurgencies raging across Europe, when he realizes America faces the same fate. Before he can make his way home to south Florida, a powerful hurricane deals the final blow to an infrastructure already ravaged by burning and looting, leaving survivors cut off and on their own. It is here amid the death and destruction that Eric begins his search for those he left behind, and here that his warrior skills will be tested as never before.

Preorder Feral Nation – Infiltration on Amazon


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