Book Update

Most of February was consumed with the final push to complete my first fiction project, which was wrapped up a week ago today and sent in to my editor last Monday for the first step of the revision process.  This book is still scheduled for publication on July 10, so it won’t be long before I’ll get the manuscript back for more work that will hopefully make it the best it can be.

I’ve enjoyed the novel writing process, but certainly found it more challenging than my previous nonfiction books.  I suppose that’s because with fiction, there are limitless options and directions a story can go once you create a group of characters and place them in an interesting situation or predicament.  Along the way, I had many ideas regarding the plot, some that stayed intact, and others that changed in ways I wouldn’t have predicted – hopefully for the better.

Here’s a photo of the manuscript that I posted on my personal Facebook page last Monday, as soon as it was finished.  It’s a big pile of paper that represents a lot of work at the keyboard, but completing it ranks right up there with making landfall after a sailing voyage, or paddling a new river top to bottom.  Writing a novel is something I’ve always wanted to do, and finally, everything has aligned to make it possible.

This first draft came to a total of 109,415 words.  The way the plot was unfolding near the end, I could have easily expanded it another 20,000 words or more, but there will eventually be a sequel to continue the story where this book leaves off.

I will post the title and description of this novel just as soon as my publisher (Ulysses Press) finalizes the cover design.  As you might expect, it is related to my recent non-fiction books on the topics of survival, and therefore is an adventure/thriller type story with some of the techniques presented in those other books put into play by the characters.

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3 Responses to Book Update

  1. TED says:

    We have strived for years to to become prepaired.bob,bov,bol,food supplies,medical supplies,auto supplies,, radios ect. Now it seems that PHASE ONE is complete.we need to put our heads togeather and start with PHASE TWO. How to organize a group of family and friends to share thier supplies and make laws to be enforced without people getting ass bent over things, who does this chips like money but a chip for a days work will get you a meal.ect. something to think about. everyone cant be running around with thier bob for long.the military way works but not for everyone, so lets get some input. thanks,TED

  2. Penny Schooler says:

    Can’t wait until your first “novel” comes out………plan to share your others with our cousin Jimmy Williams. Hope you can make it to Clayton’s Fish Camp Sat night.

  3. sarah says:

    Loved the book! Thanks for letting us know about a planned follow-up.

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