Sequel to The Darkness After

As I announced to my newsletter subscribers yesterday, Into the River Lands: Book II of The Darkness After Series, will be my next book release for 2015 and the Kindle version is available for preorder on Amazon now.


Into the River Lands picks up with the story of Mitch Henley and April Gibbs, seven months after their parting at the end of their journey in The Darkness After. Many readers who read the first book have been asking if there was going to be a sequel, and it has been my intention all along to continue this story as a series in parallel to The Pulse SeriesInto the River Lands will be the first of these sequels, but I can see this story spanning more than just two books, so there will at least be a third, if not more.

I’m still working on the manuscript so I have set the publication date for June 11, but chances are the book will be released a bit sooner, hopefully sometime in May. The product page on Amazon reflects the page count for the draft version already submitted, but the final book will likely be in the range of 250-300 pages, just like The Darkness After.

The preorder price for the Kindle version is set to just $2.99 until publication, and after release a paperback version will follow shortly. I’ll post updates here on my main site as the book gets closer to publication.

Preorder Into the River Lands for Kindle Here

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