Audio Books

Those of you who subscribe to my New Release Newsletter may have already seen this, but for any who have not, I wanted to announce that my new Feral Nation Series will be available in the audio format as well as ebook and print. The first one is in production now and should be available in a few weeks.

I have not been able to offer an audio edition for the books in The Pulse and The Darkness After Series because my publisher holds those rights, but the new series will be entirely mine to distribute as I wish, and the plan at this point is to make all of them available in audio.

Some of my previously published books have already been produced for audio, and the most recent of those is the newly released audio edition of On Island Time: Kayaking the Caribbean:

If audio books are your thing, you can listen to On Island Time for free if you subscribe to Audible or you can purchase it from Amazon here. It is also available for download on iTunes here.

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