New Cover for Feral Nation Book Three

Feral Nation – Tribulation: Book Three of the Feral Nation Series is nearing release later this month. Although it has been available for preorder on Amazon  since March, I have just uploaded a new cover for the book that I think better suits the mood of the story.

Although I liked some aspects of the image used in the previous cover, the blown out highlights in some areas were giving me fits with color and exposure adjustments, and I decided that it just wasn’t working, especially at thumbnail size on the Amazon product pages, where it was difficult to even see what it was at first glance.

This new cover image, which some of you may remember seeing posted on this site last year, was originally going to be the cover for Book One of the series, when Book One was going to be called Tribulation. The composite image was created by Bayou Cover Designs, where I commissioned the latest covers for Sailing the Apocalypse, Voyage After the Collapse, and Landfall: Islands in the Aftermath.

I have now decided to use this image for Book Three, which is Tribulation after all, and I have already uploaded it to Amazon and will soon be updating it wherever the old one appears, such as in the header at the top of this page:


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