Welcome to my home website and author blog.  If you found this site from the links in the back of one of my books or on one of my other blogs, I hope you will find something of interest here as well.  My ongoing book projects have taken precedence over maintaining several niche blogs, so I intend to use this site to post updates about my books and related topics.

I began writing for magazines more than two decades ago to share the experience of my adventures, especially those related to wilderness and ocean travel.  Most of what would later become my second book: On Island Time: Kayaking the Caribbean, was first scribbled in a notebook each night in my tent by candlelight as I paddled my way south from Florida to the Virgin Islands.  A condensed account of that solo kayak trip became my first published work in the form of a feature article for Sea Kayaker magazine in 1990.

Those first articles eventually led to ten traditionally-published books: seven of them nonfiction and three novels. I’m glad I had the opportunity to experience the traditional publication process, but by late 2014, I decided it was time to move on and embrace the changes that were sweeping the industry. Seeing the opportunity to reach more readers and publish what I wanted on a much faster schedule, I went independent in 2015 and continued to write and publish sequels to my first two novels: The Pulse and The Darkness After. Both of those stories became multi-book series and led to my more recent works, including the Feral Nation Series.

I’ve been an avid reader since childhood, and many of the books I read growing up had a tremendous influence on my life choices later, inspiring me to live my dreams and set out on some challenging adventures.  It was inevitable that I would end up writing my own books someday, and the advent of the Internet changed this business in ways I would have never imagined, most of them great for both the reader and the writer. Today more than ever, it is possible for a writer to connect with readers in so many new and interesting ways that I could not imagine not being a writer. Blogging and other forms of digital publishing as well as digital photography and video have made it possible to instantaneously get a message to anyone worldwide.  It’s an exciting time to live in and I’m delighted to be able to participate. Thank you for stopping by and thank you for reading.