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Feral Nation – Tribulation: Book Three of┬áthe Feral Nation Series


When nothing is easy.

Deception, trickery and ambush threaten to derail Eric Branson’s plans shortly after his arrival in south Louisiana.

Eric soon learns that the sheriff’s department Keith works for has been decimated by riots and terror attacks.

The infrastructure here has also been severely crippled by the same hurricane that devastated south Florida, leaving the survivors hungry and desperate in a world where law and order is impossible to enforce.

For Eric, reaching Louisiana is just another step in a difficult quest that will take him overland to the Colorado Rockies in search of his daughter. And getting there will take everything he’s learned in a decade and a half of fighting wars all over the world.

Will the new plan he puts together with his brother’s help work?

Feral Nation – Tribulation is the third book in the latest post-apocalyptic thriller series from Scott B. Williams.

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