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My first work of fiction was The Pulse, published in 2012 by Ulysses Press, also the publisher of four of my nonfiction titles. The Pulse has since become an ongoing series, as has The Darkness After, which was a Young Adult story set in the same world and scenario as The Pulse and published in 2013 by Ulysses Press.

The Forge of Darkness: Book III of The Darkness After Series



Just as Mitch Henley is reunited with April Gibbs, a friend he’d never expected to see again, a new disaster befalls him and the others at the remote Henley farm. Suffering great loss, including death among their own, the survivors must regroup and start over with the little they have left.

Nothing has been easy since the world changed overnight when a solar flare plunged civilization into darkness. Mitch Henley’s skills as a woodsman have enabled him to prevail against great odds, but the challenges have never been greater than those he faces now.

The Forge of Darkness is the third book in The Darkness After Series, set in the same desperate, grid-down world as the author’s Pulse Series.

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Voyage After the Collapse: Book III of The Pulse Series


The crew of the sailing vessel, Casey Nicole has endured a harrowing ordeal on the dark waterways of the coastal swamps near New Orleans, but Artie Drager has escaped with what he came for—his only daughter, Casey.

They are free of the mainland but still too close for comfort. Now the crew of six aboard the big catamaran must plot a course and set sail into the unknown, hoping to find a place where the impact of the electromagnetic pulse was not so severe. Where that will be, they have no way of knowing. Did the solar flares affect the whole planet, or just the parts of the Western Hemisphere they have seen?

Voyage After the Collapse is a passage of hope into an uncertain future, leaving the terror of the U.S. mainland astern in the wake.

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Into the River Lands: Book II of The Darkness After series.

Picking up seven months later after the journey of Mitch Henley and April Gibbs ended in The Darkness After, Into the River Lands is the second book in this parallel series set in the same world as The Pulse Series. In the aftermath of an electromagnetic pulse that has shut down the power grid in North America and beyond, the river bottom forestlands of southeastern Mississippi are the setting for this story of a group of teens and young adults trying to survive in a world gone dark, where law and order has crumbled to anarchy.

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Sailing the Apocalypse: A Misadventure at Sea

Terry Bailey is convinced America is doomed, and the last hope for his family is to escape to sea. 

How far would you go to protect your family if you were convinced America was in imminent danger of collapse? Would you build an underground bunker and stockpile it with weapons and supplies? Buy a cabin in the woods and start growing all your own food? Sell everything off and move to a survivalist’s stronghold in the mountains of Idaho?

None of the above would be enough if you were obsessed with boats the way Terry Bailey is obsessed.Terry has an escape plan to sail to the very ends of the earth; the only real option left to survive what’s coming, according to him. Convincing his new wife, teen stepdaughter and preteen stepson that time is running out, he sells his recently-acquired family on the necessity to build a boat. Two years of hard labor later, Terry has his ship—a huge ocean-going catamaran sloppily cobbled together from plywood and epoxy in their backyard in north Mississippi.

When the ship is ready to launch, Terry christens her the Apocalypse, and the four of them move aboard for good, bidding farewell to life on land along with everything and everyone they had known before that day. There is no need to wait for a disaster to strike, because Terry Bailey has created his own. Now he is about to drag his entire family over the horizon with him. Sailing the Apocalypse is the story of a man who is about to go too far, and is told from the perspective of the twelve-year-old stepson who watches it all unfold as he is swept along for the ride.

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Refuge After the Collapse is the sequel to my first novel: The Pulse: A Novel of Surviving the Collapse of the Grid (scroll down this page for book details).  As Book II of the ongoing series, Refuge picks up where the first book left off after Artie Drager has at last found his daughter, Casey on the remote lower reaches of the Pearl River, near New Orleans.  


I wrote The Pulse as a book that could have been a standalone story with a happy ending, at least as far as loved ones reuniting and Casey Drager escaping a horrifying ordeal of abduction. But I also left many questions unanswered and readers have asked for the continuing  story, which has now become an ongoing series.  While Artie has fulfilled his quest by the end of Book I in one sense, by finding his daughter after a long and dangerous sea voyage, they are still (quite literally) not out of the woods yet.

Artie’s brother Larry is alone aboard the catamaran he built that brought them from the Caribbean to the Gulf Coast, and Casey’s friend Grant is still torn about reaching the remote cabin belonging to his parents where he knows that food, tools and other essential supplies that will help them all survive are there for the taking.  Refuge is a story of difficult decisions, some of them wrong, in a broken-down world of lawlessness and anarchy where anyone they meet is likely to be desperate and dangerous.

From the back cover: With the power, communication and transportation grids destroyed by massive solar flares, America has spiraled into anarchy and violence.  Artie Drager and his daughter, Casey reunite after his harrowing voyage across the Caribbean and her traumatic escape from a crumbling New Orleans and a deranged abductor.

But their situation remains dire.  The Gulf Coast swamps have provided a brief respite from danger, but Artie, Casey and their small band of friends know they must keep moving to stay ahead of the urban mobs.  Although they accept Artie’s plan to sail to safety aboard his brother’s catamaran, none are aware that vicious marauders have ransacked the boat and left his brother to die.

Meanwhile, Casey’s ordeal has left her shaken.  Her courage and adaptability are tested again when the man she loves has become separated from the group.  Casey must now decide whether to stay behind to save him or continue on with her father and the others in search of refuge.

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The Darkness After is a post-Apocalyptic novel set in the same, anarchy-ruled world of my first novel, The Pulse.  Most of the action takes place in the backwoods of south Mississippi, after the main characters make their way out of a blacked-out New Orleans.

After the publication of The Pulse in 2012, I began this parallel story with a different set of characters facing the same chaos and danger caused by the complete shutdown of the power, communication and transportation grid in North America.  Mitch and April, the two main characters here, are both in their late teens, and both have strong motivation to get where they’re going and unique skills to help them survive against staggering odds.  Mitch is a hunter, obsessed with the woods in the same way that I was when I was his age, escaping school and confinement at every opportunity to spend time in the wild.  April is a city girl, but a tough one who’s been on her own since losing her parents.  No one would guess from looking at her, but she’s also deadly at hand-to-hand combat, having mastered the techniques of Kenpo taught to her by her Dad over many years before his passing.  As a team, Mitch and April are unstoppable in their quest to get to the ones depending on them for survival.

From the back cover: When massive solar flares send an intense electromagnetic pulse to Earth, every electrical device is fried instantly.  The modern world that sixteen-year-old Mitch Henley has always known comes crashing down.  Anarchy, looting and chaos explode all around him.  Stranded in New Orleans, Mitch escapes into the Mississippi backwoods he knows so well, hoping to stay alive using the survival and hunting skills he learned from his game-warden father.

Alone and on foot, Mitch sets out to make his way back to the family farm and his younger sister.  Not knowing if his parents are dead or alive, nothing else matters… until he meets April Gibbs along the way.  Smart, beautiful, lethal and alone, she is also making a treacherous trek to find her lost family.  They decide to travel together for safety, but neither can begin to imagine the dangers that await them in the woods.

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The Pulse: A Novel of Surviving the Collapse of the Grid is a post-Apocalyptic survival story set in the Caribbean, the streets of New Orleans and the swamps of south Mississippi.

After experiencing first hand the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and living in the impact zone where the power grid was destroyed and stayed down for weeks, I often wondered what it would be like if that situation was much more widespread and long-lasting. If a solar flare or EMP attack took out electrical power and shut down most forms of communication and transportation in North America, the aftermath would be far worse than that of any hurricane and there would be no sudden influx of crews from neighboring states to work around the clock to rebuild the grid.  Grocery stores would soon be stripped bare and no delivery trucks would be running to replenish their stocks.  People would become desperate in short order, especially in large urban areas where the limited supplies available would be quickly consumed.  Far lesser events have shown that such desperation quickly strips away the thin veneer of civilization that keeps complex societies in order. Violence would become rampant, and law enforcement agencies would be overwhelmed and unable to protect the citizens of their jurisdictions.  Those who would survive such chaos would have to act on their own and act quickly to seek safe refuge.

From the Back Cover:  As massive solar flares bombard the Earth, an intense electromagnetic pulse instantly destroys the power grid throughout North America. Within hours desperate citizens panic and anarchy descends.  Surrounded by chaos, Casey Drager, a student at Tulane University, must save herself from the havoc in the streets of New Orleans.  Casey and two of her friends evacuate the city and travel north, where they end up in the dangerous backwaters of Mississippi, forced to use their survival skills to seek refuge and fight for their lives.

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away, Casey’s father, Artie, finds himself cut off and stranded.  His Caribbean sailing vacation has turned into every parent’s nightmare. Warding off pirates and tackling storms, Artie uses the stars to guide him toward his daughter.

The Pulse is a compelling action-adventure novel that reveals what it would take to survive in a world lit only by firelight, where all the rules have changed and each person must fend for himself.

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