Feral Nation – Infiltration

Book One of the Feral Nation Series:

Feral Nation – Infiltration is the first book in my new Feral Nation Series. If you’ve read any of my previous post-apocalyptic work in The Pulse Series or The Darkness After Series, you will find that it has much in common with those stories, although it is a different scenario. This time, the crisis is not a naturally-occurring solar event that unleashes a devastating EMP, but rather a series of deliberate acts that spiral out of control leading to violence, anarchy and finally, all-out insurrection.

Coordinated terror attacks; protests and riots cripple the economy and disrupt travel and communication.

In a near future, post-apocalyptic America, civil unrest and insurrection spreads as battles between dissident factions turn cities and towns into war zones.

Professional security contractor and former Navy SEAL, Eric Branson, has been away fighting ongoing insurgencies in Europe when he realizes his own country faces the same fate. But before he can make his way back home to Florida, a catastrophic hurricane deals the final blow to an infrastructure already ravaged by riots and terror, leaving survivors cut off and on their own.

Amid the death and destruction in the aftermath, Eric begins his most dangerous mission yet, searching for the family he left behind. Eric didn’t come here to fight another war, but he’s prepared for anything he might encounter as he quietly makes his way into south Florida.

Will Eric find his ex-wife and daughter at their waterfront home? Or is he already too late?

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