Feral Nation – The Divide

Book Four of the Feral Nation Series: 

An offer too good to refuse.

Eric Branson is still weeks from reaching his daughter in Colorado, but an opportunity to get there a whole lot faster has him participating in business he wanted no part of when he returned to the homeland.

Just like in the old days, things change and go downhill fast when the action begins, and the mission he’s agreed to will test even a war-hardened SEAL and private contractor.

And by the time Eric extricates himself from his new predicament, it might be too late to take advantage of the deal he signed up for.

Nothing will stop him from reaching the Rockies in the end, but what he uncovers when he gets there sets Eric on a new path he has no choice but to follow.

Is it too late to save Megan from the danger she’s gotten herself into? Eric won’t know until he finds her, somewhere in the vast mountain wilderness into which she has fled.

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