Into the River Lands

Book II of The Darkness After Series

Picking up seven months later after the journey of Mitch Henley and April Gibbs ended in The Darkness After, Into the River Lands is the second book in this parallel series set in the same world as The Pulse Series. In the aftermath of an electromagnetic pulse that has shut down the power grid in North America and beyond, the river bottom forestlands of southeastern Mississippi are the setting for this story of a group of teens and young adults trying to survive in a world gone dark, where law and order has crumbled to anarchy.

In Book I of the series: The Darkness After, Mitch Henley and April Gibbs have strong but different motives to get where they are going and unique skills to help them survive against staggering odds. Mitch is a skilled hunter, obsessed with perfecting his woodcraft. April is a tough city girl and a fighter who’s been on her own since losing her parents.As a team, Mitch and April are unstoppable in their quest to get to their loved ones who are depending on them for survival.

Book II picks up seven months after Mitch and April’s journey ended in The Darkness After. Into the River Lands takes place deep in the vast forests surrounding Mitch’s boyhood home. Big surprises and new dangers present themselves to add to the difficulties he faces in the day-to-day challenge to survive.

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