The Darkness After

The Darkness After is a post-Apocalyptic novel set in the same, anarchy-ruled world of my first novel, The Pulse.  Most of the action takes place in the backwoods of south Mississippi, after the main characters make their way out of a blacked-out New Orleans.

After the publication of The Pulse in 2012, I began this parallel story with a different set of characters facing the same chaos and danger caused by the complete shutdown of the power, communication and transportation grid in North America.  Mitch and April, the two main characters here, are both in their late teens, and both have strong motivation to get where they’re going and unique skills to help them survive against staggering odds.  Mitch is a hunter, obsessed with the woods in the same way that I was when I was his age, escaping school and confinement at every opportunity to spend time in the wild.  April is a city girl, but a tough one who’s been on her own since losing her parents.  No one would guess from looking at her, but she’s also deadly at hand-to-hand combat, having mastered the techniques of Kenpo taught to her by her Dad over many years before his passing.  As a team, Mitch and April are unstoppable in their quest to get to the ones depending on them for survival.

From the back cover: When massive solar flares send an intense electromagnetic pulse to Earth, every electrical device is fried instantly.  The modern world that sixteen-year-old Mitch Henley has always known comes crashing down.  Anarchy, looting and chaos explode all around him.  Stranded in New Orleans, Mitch escapes into the Mississippi backwoods he knows so well, hoping to stay alive using the survival and hunting skills he learned from his game-warden father.

Alone and on foot, Mitch sets out to make his way back to the family farm and his younger sister.  Not knowing if his parents are dead or alive, nothing else matters… until he meets April Gibbs along the way.  Smart, beautiful, lethal and alone, she is also making a treacherous trek to find her lost family.  They decide to travel together for safety, but neither can begin to imagine the dangers that await them in the woods.

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