The Prepper’s Workbook

Co-authored with my friend, Scott Finazzo, The Prepper’s Workbook: Checklists, Worksheets and Home Projects to Protect Your Family from Any Disaster is an interactive guide to preparing your home and family for natural or man-made disasters and surviving short-term or possible long-term disruptions of normal life in the aftermath.

Unlike my other survival-related books, The Prepper’s Workbook is focused less on outdoor and wilderness survival skills and more on helping you prepare for the unexpected that can occur in everyday life, anytime or anywhere.

This is also a book that requires work on the reader’s part: filling out forms and checklists, completing worksheets and planning projects.  Finazzo and I are both firm believers in the importance of checklists and this book was originally conceived as a book of checklists only, but during the course of putting it all together, we have added many tips and how-to sections as well as the other interactive sections that go beyond simple lists.  The result is a book that should get marked up, written in and referred to often, as it will contain vital information specific to your family and your situation.

Publisher: Ulysses Press, Berkeley, CA.  March, 2014

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